«Heavenly Sheep With Pearl Necklace»

Pendant and Necklace


gold, diamonds, pearls, sapphires, blue enamel.

№ 753951

The beautiful things always evoke the feeling of ease that you can compare with the airy cloud floating in the peaceful sky. When a breeze drives the snow- white clouds along the celestial meadows, as if they are little ewes, it seems that you can observe this forever.

By creating the Heavenly Sheep pendant, artists have taken into account all the characteristics of the most beautiful natural phenomena. That is precisely why the product amazes by its elegance. Flexible, plastic shapes of the pendant recall soft wool twists of the young sheep. Her easy pace, graceful movement and the warm light-hearted look are read in the skillful work of the jeweler.

Multidimensional height, dizzying feeling of flight and the wide skies are embodied in the diamond flicker, with which the creation is studded. And above the beautiful ewe, a majestic star, the symbol of elegant modesty and credibility of the entire beauty, is glaring with sapphire warmth. Heavenly Sheep, it is an airy cloud floating in the peaceful sky of the happy owner's feelings, is pleased to be with the pearl necklace. After all an absolute beauty of pearls and its mysterious glow is an ideal match to jewelry miracle, which is represented by the Heavenly Sheep, created with the talented artisan’s love.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin