Diamond Gold Necklace


gold, diamonds.

№ OF306

Marching and fighting for foundations of beauty

And warriors have formed carré...

Will the victory and glory be with them!

Around a tapering neck, exposing it to the clavicles and veiling it with a trail of delicacy and beauty, mystery and femininity, gold chain links are temptingly flickering. Ably linked by the master in the ancient thousand years old pattern, they protect their tradition, as though the guardians of beauty. Shading the paleness or swarthiness, describing the invisible verge under the thin skin with the pulsation beyond, riveting attention on the owner, they an amaze with luxurious texture, magic formula of attractiveness. Magic geometry of talented jewelers arranges the links uniquely and they are worn on neck, making a beautiful fantail, always shaping a fabulous picture of the ideal form.

So the orderly and beautiful war-links have formed up the right hollow square, preserving the secret of women's attractiveness... So the borders, behind which unexplored, refined, tempting things begin, are secured... And it is difficult not to succumb to temptation and not be in captivity of this beautiful golden troops, with diamonds ready... And to be captivated by beauty, grace, skill, and an inspiration...

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Photo by Vladislav Filin