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«The Lacemaker»

Sapphire Diamond Gold Earrings


gold, diamonds, sapphires, central sapphires

№ 207

Materials: gold, pear-shaped sapphire, diamonds, sapphires. Earrings of Lacemaker is a beautiful and delicate jewellery variation on the theme of famous paintings by Vasily Tropinin. The image of a young lacemaker inspired many talented artists, but only, perhaps, the Russian painter made her so lively and charming that she seemed about to finish her work, and laces would twist in her first waltz.

Openwork gold lace weaves through the rhetorical haze and climbs the precious blue stones up. Fantasy of the artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House knows no limit, as in this delicate and faerie work of art, allusions to first balls, vintage laces, outfits of unearthly beauties, sapphire dreams, passion and tenderness, are woven.

And in that silent moment, when the first beauty goes to the middle of the hall while rustling with crinoline, when the gold of luxurious dress is shining and the cavalier is waiting for first bars of magical melodies... somewhere out there, through the ages, bright and crafty lacemaker raised her joyful eyes over an unfinished lace while casting a love spell on the thin ligature.

Lacemaker Earrings Diamond filigree of antique reticella.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las