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«Green Peas»

Precious Stone Pearl Earrings


gold, diamonds, tsavorites, pearls.

№ 161

To make a story real, it will be needed to be considerably colored, as the self- confident people say. People, who know the price of each moment of happiness, who create these moments themselves, multiply them and can see only excellent things around.

Each girl's dream is sooner or later to become a princess. And when they grow up? Honestly, it is a bit as well. To be the best of the best. The sweetest. The finest. So what, if any, should be self-confident... let's say, Cinderella? – Passionate. The one whom everyone adores. The queen, radiating her own faith in a fairy tale.

If we collect small placers of green peas, it will necessarily be rare, noble green garnet! The gentle flicker of the stone, resembling a freshness and boundlessness of the ocean, drowns in an admiring look, in order to turn it in time into the mysterious and the charmful look of an inimitable woman.

Drop by drop to collect numerous feelings? – Of course, it should be pearls, mysterious, feminine, soft... and luxurious in its modesty! As the princess of the dreamland can effortlessly feel pearl, its cleanliness and purity. She is sure to open out her shoulders, hold her head high, and smile, remembering placers of greenish color of young meadows in spring – green garnets and the diamonds, so transparent, as the purest curative water.

In our tale, however, the peas are adorned with gold, as it is the only metal that can take tempting, exceptional shape and to the state of distraction charm the one who sees it.

Self-confident woman without hesitation throw herself to the caress hands of metal nobleman – gold. The princess is bound to be happy, if she was caught in a fairy tale.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las