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Pearl Diamond Yellow Gold Earrings


gold, diamonds, pearls.

№ 418267

In art it often happens that there is a close connection between masterpieces. Warmness that comes from the pearls embraced by shining gold is related to Claude Monet`s painting “Water Lilies”. It should be said that both the jewel and the painting are also alive and still inspire an artist to make this natural beauty immortal.

The pearls remember freshness of pure water. This memory has nothing in common with nostalgia. They have enough light in the diamond`s company to thank a man for placing them in such a company. A memory of water is like thanks for a new birth in this world to have an eternal life.

Each line of this wonderful decoration resembles water lilies of Monet`s picture. Both the picture and the jewel have a spirit of life.

Monet`s water lilies are rocked by the warm waves. The same way precious pearls move in arms of gold and diamonds. Their reflection in mirrors of diamonds is warm and shiny. This picture is a real life full of beauty.

It is quite difficult to feel a breath in a piece of art. A view of gold “Water Lilies” reflected in shining diamonds and pearls will touch the soul of its mistress. It is not easy to describe this feeling, so let us call it “happiness”.

The owner of these earrings will enjoy the feeling of being the chosen one.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin