Gold Mother of Pearl Diamond Pearl Earrings


gold, mother of pearl, white diamonds, pearls.

Miracles become a reality, we need only the magic bird lightly touch the wing of his lucky lady in the pleasant dreams of midnight and maybe in reality? According to the famous legend, the one who by the will of luck, will be able to catch the feather of the Firebird, will be happy forever, because this fabulous bird, whose plumage "burns" with a blessed magical light is a fiery messenger of happiness, success and bliss. It it so wonderful that the talent of skilled artisans was able to reveal you the miracle of every day, by bringing truly marvelous jewelry to life! The virtuoso precision of smooth forms, as if by the command of a magic wand, is revealed by the patterns of the feather of the Firebird on the amazing curves of gold earrings. A unique, carefully selected, fiery mother of pearl flashes with unprecedented fire, inspiring the happy owner and illuminating her with sparks of diamonds, as if she is the princess from beautiful fairy tales. Now the magic of man-made art is always with her!

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Photo by Vladislav Filin