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«Angel Falls»

Gold Diamond Sapphire Earrings


gold, diamonds, blue sapphires.

№ Н-18-06-331

Have you ever seen the splendor of the highest waterfall on the planet? Millennial nature of the water falling from the height is majestic and mysterious, it takes your breath away and illuminates your mind with its inexplicable beauty, and the most importantly – it is invincible in the face of time.

This is the thing to have inspired the artisans of the Lobortas to create unique jeweled earrings, able to bring a sophisticated elegance through the ages like the world's highest waterfall – the Angel Falls.

The patterns of earrings are created in the virtuoso jeweled technique of engraving and do inspire with the subtlety of lines, as if they find their continuation in the flowing streams of golden threads of the waterfall.

Diamond trickles shimmer like floating drops, striking with crystal clarity, dancing like the blueness of the Angel's breeze in its unique dynamics. Power and refinement have merged, by demonstrating the incomprehensible nature of the feminine. feminine. Being "up to the mark" is a grandiose majesty and a distinctive privilege at the same time for the only owner of the set.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin