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«Majestic Moon»

Diamond Hemisphere Earrings


gold, diamonds.

№ Н-22-12-370

Majestic Moon, the eternal luminary of the nocturnal expanse, has ceaselessly captivated and inspired humanity with its enigmatic and exquisite visage. For eons, the most illustrious artists and poets have endeavoured to encapsulate its grandeur, to articulate and convey the mystery it harbours. Stirred by its beauty, the artists, and jewellers at the House of Lobortas have crafted the gold earrings of Majestic Moon – a radiant diamond spectacle.

The hemispherical form in which they are manifested mirrors the very essence of the Moon – its mystery and grace. The light-reflecting diamonds shimmer like the rays that the moon bestows upon us from its regal throne. Diamonds are akin to millions of petite stars strewn across the cosmos. Their brilliance endows the earrings with a unique charm and enchantment.

The Majestic Moon earrings serve as a portal to the realm of mystical beauty and magic, enticing with their arcane allure. They symbolize beauty, harmony, and radiant sublimity, akin to the Moon that illuminates the boundlessly romantic nights.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las