Enamel Diamond Amethyst Gold Earrings “Lotus”


enamel, diamonds, amethyst.

№ 753860

The lotos flower trembles

In fear of the sunshine bright,

And with her head cast downward

Waits dreaming for the night.

Heinrich Heine, “The Lotos Flower”

The earrings “Lotus” is a lotus love song. “Open heart” of a princess of flowers has been praised by poets since ancient times. A jewel rhyme for the lotuswas made by the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House. Tiny gold drizzle, morning dew, delicate lines...all that is a poem of nobility and purity.

A beautiful amethyst is placed in the heart of the precious lotus flower. The central gemstone has a lot of faces. In daily light is shows its tender violet soul, in artificial light deep purple deepness of an amethyst becomes visible.

Unusual and interesting design was used to crate such a wonderful flower. The idea of some petals of lotus were inspired by the Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu- Dhabi. They are decorated with tiny enamels and give the lotus a shade of fire red color. Another petals are buffed to a shine and look like mirrors. They make an effect of a kaleidoscope. This is the lotus, Vishnu and Buddha, the sun and the moon, fire and water.

The earrings “Lotus”. Their spirit is light snd pure.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin