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«Diamond Egg»

Diamond Gold Pendant


gold, white and yellow diamonds, total diamonds 777 pcs.

№ Н-16-08-474

One of the most perfect forms in the world is the egg. This is the way the Great Creator made it. He also endowed man with the ability to supplement his perfection with handcrafted, human things. Artisans and artists of different times and eras have always competed in the art of rendering this elegant form. The perfect works of artisans' talented hands include a complete perfect diamond cut of 57 facets, which made this particular diamond the "king of diamonds" of all types.

It reflects 98% of all incoming rays through its upper part (crown) thus making it inimitable. The twenty-first century made it technologically possible to turn a diamond with a diameter of less than half a millimeter into the "king" of 57 faces. This made it possible to achieve a new level of diamond coating, which allows one to cover 98% of the surface of the precious metal with the brilliance of an unsurpassed stone. This invention is a new step unparalleled in the art of jewellery.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las