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Diamond Ruby Gold Ring

Collection: Diamond Know How


gold, diamonds, rubies.

№ Н-16-03-179

A piece of music conveys not only sounds but also colors. Every tone, every harmony, and every melody can trigger associations in our imagination with different shades and reflections of light. Music can be bright, warm, and rich, like a piece of jewelry that brings joy and beauty.

The golden ring of Amalia is like a piece of music with ruby-diamond notes, where the violin plays a fiery and passionate melody against the backdrop of a golden orchestra in kräftigem, nicht zu schnellem Tempo. The virtuosity of the execution and the richness of the colors of the stunning ring are enhanced by the brilliance of precious stones, like captured passion, romance, and nobility. This is reflected by the contrast between rubies and diamonds, between warm and cold hues, between lyrical and dramatic passages, and between soft and loud sounds.

Amalia is a jewelry melody that is both a gem and a love letter. This work shows how ornament can be more expressive than words and how love can be the strongest.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin