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gold engraving, gold, diamonds.

№ 667594

“Io triumphe!” were the words the legionnaires would honor a winner with at the moment of his true triumph. 

The triumph though was not accorded to each and every one. To be triumphal-honored a commander had to win an unconditional and quick victory, suffering no heavy losses among own troops. The Senate only was to decide whether a winner was worth being triumphed or not. The ceremony would take place in the Field of Mars either in The Temple of Bellona or in that one of Apollo. The winner deserving of praise would be clothed into the luxurious Optimus-Maximus-Jupiter-like garb: the palm-tree-branches embroidered tunic and the purple toga of golden stars. In one hand the hero would hold laurel and with an ivory scepter in the other hand he would stalk along, first on foot then on a snow-white horseback to face his immortality. 

The gold cufflinks “Triumpher” replicate the Paris Arch of Triumph of the Star, built by the order of the great conqueror and strategist Napoleon Bonaparte. The delicately-exquisite guilloche linear pattern highlights with the sunshine the Triumpher’s way. The guilloche technique is unique handicraft engraving, performed by the elite and affordable for the elite only. The holographic Star and the diamonds in all their abundance seem to vocalize the victorious anthem in the honor of the Hero. 

The men’s cufflinks “Triumpher” embody strength, honor and the triumph of the elite art!

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Photo by Vladislav Filin