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Gold cufflinks


gold, diamonds.

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“It ought to be so…as the Apostles’ and The Holy Father’s ancient covenant would admonish …that every Christian should bear the sign of the cross upon”.

(Seraphim Slobodsky)

The men’s gold cufflinks “Benediction” …blessed shall be The Kingdom of God! 

The divine service begins with the refrain-flow of these prayer-words from clergyman’s lips and due to the ages-old ritual, the believers cross themselves. The self-done sign of the cross when entering and exiting a temple, right before and after the prayer, is the token of the voluntary confession for your own faith and the embodiment of the very trust in God as it is, in truth! 

According to definite historical evidence, it is namely the Apostles’ Era the custom of signing the cross has originated from. Quintus Tertullian, the early-Christian writer, who was the firs to put into words the concept of the Holy Trinity, mentioned in his treatise “Of Warrior’s Halo” the ritual of “enclosing the brow with the sign of the cross”. It was the year of 211! 

The gold cufflinks “Benediction” – it is the precious symbol of the Cross. Being made of gold, they are adorned with five diamonds, radiating love and gratitude upon the believers and guarding them against the abandoned spirits. 

So it has been initialed by our Christian tradition to mean that by self-cross-signing a believer does not bless himself but is granted with the sign of God. 

The men’s gold “Benediction” cufflinks are both, the sole’s fortitude and the divine wisdom.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las