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H-18-11-705 / special order.

“The Menorah is a symbol of the light of faith and hope which has led the Jewish people for four thousand years – often through oppression and martyrdom in their mission of upholding the religion of righteousness” 

The inscription on the Menorah outside the Knesset (Jerusalem) 

Сufflinks “Menorah”. The golden seven-branched lamp is the most ancient symbol of Judaism. On the Sinai mounting God gave indications to Moses how the Menorah should be like. But the description of the Menorah was so the complex: glasses on branches of Menorah should have been interleaved with an ovary and a flower, branches should have been separated and branched out… Moses feared to undertake a fine work and God himself created the first Lamp. 

It is believed that the First Temple Menorah was fully fostered from golden talent! Since the destruction of the Temple the Talmud has prohibited to make accurate copies of Temple Menorah, it is the reason why the images of Menorah today are distinguished by laconicism and some sort of asceticism. 

By their talent artisans of Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” set the phantasmal and limpid fire to the candles of the Lamp on the cufflinks “Menorah”. The seven-candled lamp deprived from its luxuriance is sad and grand at the same time it is similar to an upturned tree of life, rooted in the heavens. 

Jewelers have forged seven sciences, seven free arts of gold and silver, placing the Menorah on the background of the ancient hexogram, David’s Shield cloaking the eternal light. 

Cufflinks “Menorah”. “The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord”.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin