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silver, gold, diamonds, enamels.

№ Н-18-04-215

 There are artifacts, symbolizing the top mastery. There are symbols, reflecting the beauty of execution. And there are recognizable creations, which represent a genuine pleasure for the artist to repeat. 

In the classical recipe, known to the manufacturers of the legendary motor vehicle, the luxurious atmosphere, aristocratism and the unparalleled elegance is felt. Skills and talent, sophistication and beauty, uniqueness of the execution – and technical skill of each detail, filigreeness of the finishes and peerlessness of techniques are mixed here in the right proportions. 

By creating golden cufflinks in the style of Rolls-Royce, engineers of the Jewelry House “Lobortas” have managed to reproduce one of the techniques that have become the business card of the fine limousine. In the heart of the composition there are the capital letters of the “King of Roads” which remain in the vertical position when rotating, – it is the same as when turning the wheel of the true autoliner on the original designers’ idea of the automobile group. This has been possible owing to built-in gyroscope and, of course, to the highest skill of talented artists. This is the secret along with the grandeur of stones and virtuosity of execution turns the piece into unique jewelry artwork. You can enjoy and admire it, it can be collected and presented as gift, as its aristocratic exquisite prototype though, which has become the top of the engineering and vehicle arts.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin