«Richard the Lionheart»


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gold, silver, diamonds, enamel.

 Both courage and honor have the color, 

And stones will embody the achievements of the feat

No one can match him in nobility 

Justice and the ruler is determined! 

The spirit of nobleness and knighthood, battles and tournaments portrayed in the symbolic and status accessory – silver cufflinks from the House “Lobortas”. The era of great symbols, secret signs and gestures, the flowering of the heraldry and poetry of troubadours, when each tint, stone or image were filled with a certain meaning, has still remained in multiple works of folklore and chronicles, ecclesiastical works and belletristic literature. The artists repeatedly return to it, poets glorify it, jewelers receive inspiration from it. 

The valiant and strong lion with which the contemporaries and descendants associate glorious and fair king Richard, is portrayed with the help of enamel technique on the exclusive elite cufflinks. Traditional image of the heraldic animals has been finished according to classical stylistic and genre canons. The white diamonds provide an excellent play of light and the combination of pure gold and noble silver form a valuable perfection, worthy of the person whom this work is devoted to. The legendary ruler’s times of the reign echo in the jewelry of the highest grade.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin