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gold, diamonds, enamel.

With no doubt the billionaires’ club means a special place for the elite to visit, luxurious fullness with unique content and the opportunity to meet with those who are invisibly forming the modern world. Donald Trump’s club “Mar-a-Lago” is an exclusion among so elite places as well. For those who wish to uncover the veil of secrecy, it is particularly interesting and emblematic thing to enter this inner circle.


The Mar-a-Lago Club

Specifically for this world famous Club the House “Lobortas” has developed the cufflinks, built on their jewelry characteristics and know-how, of gold, diamonds and contemporary jewelry enamels, applying the principle of the gyroscope in them for the first time in the world. This principle allows you to see the image of the club emblem always correctly focused on the viewer. It introduces a special zest in the club suit and delicately distinguishes the chosen ones in the circle of the selected few.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin