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silver, gold, enamel.

“It is never the evil but love that will exterminate another evil”.». 

Emperor Nicholas II the Passion Bearer

The men’s cufflinks “Royal Dynasty of Romanov” are the symbol of family and supreme power. Having none of Kin Coat of Arms before, in the second half of the XIX century the Romanovs wished to provide themselves with one. Baron Bernhard Karl von Kohne (Boris Vasilievich Kene), well known numismatist and director of the section for Arms in the Heraldic Department in imperial Russia, was charged with the task. Boris Vasilievich has assumed the Romanovs family legend and boyar Nikita Romanov’s banner picture, stored in Armory Museum, as a basis. As a result the Romanovs approved of Kene’s design and officially established it as their Family Emblem. The strange fact is that this coat of Arms has none of its explanatory interpretations. 

The golden cufflinks “Royal Dynasty of Romanov” repeat the heraldry of the Tsar’s Family; dark red gryphon holds a golden sward and a targe, crowned with a small eagle. There are also eight lion’s heads along the black edging, four of which are made of gold and the other four are silvery. The whole of the image is crowned with Monomakh’s Cap, the main all Russian Tsars’ regalia. The Armory shines upon the Romanovs’ heraldic blue-gray color. 

The use of unique guilloche technique and the hot enamel of a definite color make the cufflinks exclusive. Karl Gustavovich Fabergé, the purveyor of the Imperial Court is also known to have been the master of hot enamel color secret. Later on the method was lost and it is only now that “Lobortas” Jewelry House specialists have managed to restore the recipes of imperial enamels. As a result, the color selection for the “Royal Dynasty of Romanov” cufflinks is ideal. 

By the way, one more method of the famous master has been used in the cufflinks; Karl Fabergé would cover the golden guilloche with hot enamel to make the superfine engraved lines under it magically shine. Thus, owing to great Fabergé‘s heritage and the skills of “Lobortas” masters the cufflinks ”Royal Dynasty of Romanov” seem to let a pearl-like light from inside out.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin