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silver, white gold, diamonds, blue sapphires.

The guardian of the sky and the earth 

Majestic griffin hides… 

Quick eagle and the brave lion united in the image of the mythical Griffin, protecting the tree of life. The legendary creature that has become a symbol of the Eastern guardian of illimitable wealth of the Sumerians, Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Hindi. He is entrusted with gold and precious stones, having the meaning of wealth and power, prosperity and well-being. In the Christian era this legendary animal often symbolizes the Savior with his spiritual and earthly beginning in the knighthood to become one of the favorite Heraldic signs associated with the sun. 

An excellent elegant style of the ancient image showing the griffin with a snake tail made by the artists of the House “Lobortas”, crafted at quite a young, from the historical point of view, accessory – fine silver cufflinks. They are decorated with colorful, continuously playing, diamonds, noble gold and royal blue sapphires. An engraving of the precious product is second to none and is one of the best examples of jewelry art.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin