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«Great Rus»



gold, white diamonds, blue sapphires, enamel.

№ Н-15-01-038

Patterns of green fields and emerald forests spread and extended under the bright sun. And they weaved bright and colorful ornaments that reflected the beauty of the Great Rus, paints of different lands, figures and images representing the nation. And these natural canvases were transferred onto the jewellery pieces, flashing out with rich color, they are ablaze with hot enamels and attract the enthusiasts’ eyes. 

The purity of gold, which symbolizes the wealth and prosperity of the state, combines very much with the bright light of diamonds, and blue color of celestial sapphires, which are the “Kings of Stones” called and give the force and the beauty of the spirit, and harmonize with enamel extravagance perfectly well. 

Simple and amazing technique in which the exclusive cufflinks from Ukrainian artisans are represented. New techniques are unique. The artists demonstrate all their glorious mastery based on the traditions and reinforced with innovative technologies. The brightness of colors harmonize with the pattern geometry, gladden with the creations of beauty and glorify the Great Rus. 

Glittering and blazing are the wonderful cufflinks, unmatched in their mastery and workmanship…

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Photo by Vladislav Filin