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gold, white diamonds, cognac diamonds, enamel.

№ Н-14-09-573

Small shapes and miniature works of art – always the best marker of talent and mastery. Gold and silver cufflinks from the designers of the House “Lobortas”, created in different genres and at different theme is the indicator of the brilliance of the work and excellent grasp of innovative technology and traditional techniques. 

The classic architecture of the piece, its compositional features, bright palette and distinctive coloring, the use of cognac diamonds of rare beauty and classic enamels make the piece elite and ethnically consistent, stylizedly accurate and elegantly sophisticated. 

Each part of the cufflinks, including the back side is a masterpiece of engraving art, where the strokes and the decor are perfectly reconciled. Every small stone of the composition has played its role and all shades have been subordinated to the overall color palette. 

Such piece will definitely single you out, by riveting everyone’s eyes on the play of the pure light of noble gold, unique enamels and diamond shine.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin