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gold, silver, white diamonds, brandy diamonds, blue sapphires, enamel.

№ Н-15-02-100

In the weaves and intricacies of decor 

There is the charm and the fragility of the antiquities. 

In values and symbol patterns 

Testament to the sacrament and the symbolism of the country … 

The subject and the topic of the jewellery art can be any image: classical, ancient, biblical, legendary, modern. The entire sense is in the portrayal, in the transfiguration and rethinking. 

Turning to the national testaments and folk motives, to the origins and customs, roots and archetypes, artists go through the essence of the ethnos, learn its energy, feel its soul. 

And although all the world scenes repeat, and the cultural symbols have their common features of the different nations, the task of the Creator is to find and allocate the distinctive features and characteristics, of which the works that form the identity of ethnos consist. These can be paints, ornaments, figures, signs, forms, shades and their combinations that define the authenticity of the welfare, decor. It is they who are the means of expression, the language and the nerve of the author’s creations. Jewelers of the House “Lobortas” create entire series of jewellery based on the traditions of different nations. And it is always fresh and bright, elegantly stylized and perfectly crafted.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin