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gold, silver, diamonds, enamel.

Centuries of proven friendship and partnership connect the diaspora with Canada. The communities of these states are combined with mutual support and the commonality of interests and their respect for democratic values and cultural relations have become the basis of true fraternity. The biggest Ukrainian diaspora respects the national traditions, their origins and symbols. The laconic geometry of the national patterns incorporated the code of a nation, living in the hearts, and something familiar from childhood shows off: the sound of a mother’s lullaby, traditional folk clothing, magical tales, tortuous lines of ancient patterns. Something overwhelmingly pulls us there – to the origins, to the roots, to the depths. 

The Canadian Maple and Ukrainian Trident are the main images of original jewelry cufflinks. National patterns, basic contrasting colors of decors: red, white and black; unique extremely interesting work of artists, the use of a classic jewelry enamel, has long become a business card of designers and artisans of House “Lobortas”, noble metals – all this creates a recognizable ethnic coloring of impermissible trophy jewelry, in which the traditional techniques and modern jewelry style are harmoniously represented. The luxurious product can be a great gift and souvenir or a collectible object.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin