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«Code of Time»



silver, gold, white diamonds, blue sapphires, enamel.


We will touch the eternity and mystery, 

In which the harmony is encrypted, 

To find the pattern in random, 

And a melody in the cosmic chaos… 

The harmony of the world lies in the age-old signs, and its goodness and miracle is in tips and hints, images and patterns. And today we read messages of ancestors from ancient ornaments and old decors, discern the testaments of eternity in the sounds of nature and in the labyrinths of constellations, find the sages’ truth and prophecies of geniuses in the great works. Perhaps that is because we guess cosmic code of times… 

The geometry of the national patterns incorporated a whole space in itself, as well as something familiar from childhood shows off: the sound of a mother’s lullaby, traditional folk clothing, magical tales, tortuous lines of ancient patterns. Something overwhelmingly pulls us there – to the origins, to the roots, to the depths. And we all our lives establish the connection between the fragmented quotes of life between the divided images and generations seeking for the unity of the bright space diversity in which the harmony is encrypted. 

The cufflinks from the designers of the House “Lobortas” is an attempt to guess with the help of jewellery, precious metals and precious stones a single code of times, which carries the unknown, but familiar; mysterious, but friendly; modern and the eternal.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin