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«Art Deco»



gold, white diamonds, lovers, amber.

№ Н-11-07-604

The cufflinks “Art-Deco” visualize the national perusal of the wonderful “Art-Deco” style, the flight of fantasy and embodiment of luxurious functionality. The combination of richly encrusted precious stones with the delicate graphics of the metal and the amber filled with the melting Sun’s light and heat represents the jewellery art of the early XX century. One of the paradoxes of this style is the synthesis of the natural materials and modern forms. 

Apart from the elegant simplicity and laconicism of the “Art-Deco” style the bright hues of orange and green go alongside in here as well. The native Ukrainian amber and emeralds in their unity with cast smooth tiers create a movement-and-energy-filled linear image, which includes the constructive design-solutions of tensed circles, semi-circles, squares, rectangles, etc. Thus, the whole object seems to be built upon some striking contrasts and plastic deformations causing the dissonance of the linear and silhouette eccentricity in the Art-Deco style. 

The artist purposely combines several multifarious materials, overcoming the neoclassical coldness in this given piece of art. The forces of nature captured in amber, the expressiveness of a form nourished from the current of the Art-Deco inexhaustible source – these are the elements which compose the distinguished features of the “Art-Deco” cufflinks created by the “Lobortas” Classic Jewellery House.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las