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gilding 999.9º (5 microns), amber, enamel, metal.

№ Н-15-07-612/2


Patterns of ancient age-old ligature
     Will fall gracefully with the strokes of enamel...!     

The Lobortas designers can capture the motifs of their country in jewellery, lovingly convey ornate patterns from folk crafts while creating their own ornament stylized as the famous embroidery. Unraveling the secrets of national ornaments, the artisans look for expressive means to convey their secrets and precepts in jewellery that has been today not only ritzy, but also iconic.

The soft sheen of amber (burshtyn) carries the heat and the incredible energy of its native land, and modern enameled lapidary miniature studs lend elegance and originality. Artists' own view of the color and genre features of traditional decor helps them create sophisticated jewellery that looks original and fresh while preserving all the stylistic techniques of classical jewellery methods and folk ornaments.

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