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  • Day-Night

    gold, white diamonds, blue sapphires

  • Day-Night

    gold, white diamonds, blue sapphires



Limited edition collection based on Mikhail Vrubel’s sketch


gold, white diamonds, blue sapphires

№ 713243

In the white gold Diamonds are sparkling…

And despondent sapphires

In the blue shade…

At the scenes and canvases, on the staves and in architectural extravagance, in jewellery experiments the artistic worlds live their own lives. Here the paint and tones, sounds and shadows, voices and images, stones and enamels create their own reality – unstable, but a memorable one, taking place here and now – and forever after enshrined by the artists and poets, musicians and sculptors, actors and architects, jewelers and designers. 

In a miniature and an elegant fragility of the beautiful cufflinks of gold and silver there is the eternal polar dualism, change of day and night and contrasts of light and dark, confrontation and the commonality of female and male. You can see and guess two horseshoes for the happiness or two crescents, two halves of the day or two crossed lines in the one point of destiny. Obeying the artists’ idea, bright sparkling diamond day is replaced by blue sapphire night shimmering with magic. 

And we are unwilling witnesses to the eternal dispute of secrecy and reality, open wide to solar brightness and the dark mystery of stellar and lunar deadness.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin