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gold engraving, 18k gold, diamonds.

№ 667555

A pair of good cufflinks is one of the truly men’s accessories. Small as the men’s adornment line is, cufflinks occupy an eminent position, for to wear them one must really feel a style and peculiarities. 

Since the moment of their appearance and up to the middle of the XX century (when the line-production of cufflinks became an ordinary occurrence) cufflinks had been worn not so much for their practical importance as to demonstrate one’s high-society membership and to accentuate the elegancy of one’s suit. 

One of the legendary versions of cufflinks early history would be rather interesting and worthy enough to be mentioned here; it says that once, being taken unawares by a mad-jealous husband, his wife’s minion appeared to be smart enough to fasten the cuffs of his shirt with collar-studs. 

A pair of “BUCKLE” cufflinks is a jeweler’s joke, hinting at the ready-witted favorite. Worked in gold, the cufflinks are asymmetrically attractable, representing the replica of men’s belt buckle. Seemingly simple, the “BUCKLE” cufflinks are definitely unique. The jeweler’s art is displayed in both the design and the delicate work but what really makes the cufflinks a masterpiece is the jewellery copy of leather texture, which no one has ever done before. The golden jewellery leather, dense-heavy and elastic in its high quality dressing, currying can almost be palpated. The diamonds add to golden buckles naturalness. 

The cufflinks have once been the privilege of the elite. Having entered the current vogue they proved that nothing has really changed!

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Photo by Dmitriy Las