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«Infinity Flower»

Yellow Sapphire Gold Brooch-Pendant


gold, yellow sapphires.

№ Н-17-09-504

Human fantasy is as boundless as the universe itself. Both of them astonish us with their marvelous wonders, which sometimes defy our common sense and challenge our imagination. One such wonder is the story behind the discovery of the famous strip that bears the name of Augustus Möbius. According to legend, it was his maid who accidentally twisted and stitched the edges of a silk ribbon, creating a surface with only one side. But this curious shape was not unknown to the ancient Romans, who depicted it on a mosaic that is now preserved in the Arles Museum in France.

Today, the Möbius strip is a symbol of infinity and a paradoxical object that fascinates mathematicians and artists alike. If you start tracing its surface from one point, you will eventually return to the same point without crossing to another side, and in doing so, having passed both. This is what makes it mysterious.

Inspired by the principle of the Möbius strip, the jewelers of Lobortas have taken it to a new level of perfection by crafting the Flower of Infinity, a unique jewel that has no equal in history. Using unique patented floristic design, they transformed the strip into a beautiful flower, whose petals are adorned with 2525 precious sapphires.

The Flower of Infinity jewel is a remarkable mathematical creation of jewelry and a cutting-edge architectural design of the XXI century.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin