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«King`s Walk»

Enamel Diamond Sapphire Pearl Gold Brooch


Materials: Gold; diamonds; blue sapphires, pearls; hot enamel on rare gloss engraving.

№ 615158

The brooch “King`s Walk” decorated with pearls is a noble decoration made by the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House. It is a masterpiece made in Art Nouveau style.              

It is original and absolutely unique. This is a unique and sophisticated jewel by the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House that can be compared to the collections of the great French jeweler P. Lalique. A real connoisseur of art will find it very attractive. The brooch is an example of a complicated and unique technique of hot enamel and a rare monet engraving. It also presents a lot of symbols. The soul that is waiting for the king will surely hear the massage of the jeweler who has made this brooch.              

In India an elephant is the most honorable animal. It is a symbol of holy wisdom, royal majesty, the invincible power and happiness. Gold and amazingly beautiful pearls that have been appreciated for centuries underline respect luxury lifestyle of the owner of this piece of art. There is magic of nature and the mystery of meeting with the beautiful owner of this brooch. The leaves of the trees are made of gold. They make a frame for the great elephant`s walk that passes under the arch of diamonds. It promises to fulfill your dreams. Delicate, almost nacre shades of this brooch will be a perfect element for any composition. The jewel with the picture of the elephant is perfect for self-confident and strong people who are ready to accept happiness that comes to them.              

You can buy the unique brooch “King`s Walk” that is presented in this catalog online or in our salon. We kindly ask you to call us before your visit. With our master`s help you can create absolutely new and unique handmade brooches that will fulfill your expectations and satisfy your taste.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las