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«Four Seasons»

Enamel Diamond Gold Brooch-Pendant


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ Н-14-02-104

Everything repeats in this world. Life is like a circle. The rules of nature are eternal. They can bring heat, cold or warmth. They sing like joyful drops of spring. In winter they sing their lullaby and paint windows with frozen flowers. Spring colors of meadows and forests are tender and calm. Blossom and birds singing are joy of summer evenings. Every season is like a page of the book of life. In every season a small miracle of renaissance happens. But every time it has new shades and mood.

In small pieces of art there are slightly visible shades of colors and a play of light that can be made only by skillful hands of the masters. We can appreciate new faces of gemstones and variations of shining.

Combining the complicated technique of baked parceled enamel, engraving on gold and unique guilloché in which colors and structure are always variable the jewelers create a wonderful short story about cyclical life. This is a story about an ordinary event that can make us happy and a small miracle of seasons` changes.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin