«Ariadne’s Thread»

Yellow White Gold Diamond Ruby Emerald Amber Bracelet


yellow and white gold, amber, diamonds, rubies, emerald.

№ N-40

Find in love's

labyrinth what binds:

doubled threads,

knots of trials,

errors, options. Secure lines

back through hearts' recall.

Maureen E. Doallas "Ariadne's Thread"

Bracelet "Ariadne's thread" – the unity of the ancient myths, eternal sky and jewelry. Well known is the Greek myth of Theseus and the Cretan maiden Ariadne, who with the help of clew of thread brought her beloved out of the Minotaur's maze.

The goldsmiths of Jewelry House "Lobortas", however, drew inspiration from not popular episode of this legend. Everyone remembers that Theseus, having accomplished the feat, fled with Ariadne. What's next? Did they live happily ever after? Not at all. According to one version, without reaching the paternal shores, Theseus, by the will of the gods, left his beloved on a deserted island. As soon as his ship was out of sight, the maid got surrounded by a retinue of god Dionysus and a diamond wreath was laid on Cretan maid's head, as a sign that from then she was the queen. The wreath has since been kept in the sky as the Corona Borealis constellation.

Bracelet «Ariadne’s Thread» is a precious copy of an ancient constellation. In the center of the celestial constellation Gemma (lat. – Gemstone) shines, and so the big diamond twinkles in the amber sky of the bracelet. And junior in rank rubies, emeralds and diamonds – the rest of Corona Borealis stars.

The bracelet itself entangled with threads of yellow and white gold, symbolizing that no one knows the ways in which the guiding star and the Ariadne's thread tends happiness.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin