«Gift of the East»

Enamel Gold Emerald Yellow Sapphire Bracelet


gold, yellow sapphires, emeralds, classic jewelry enamel.

№ 15-03-243

The tiniest petals of this mysterious flower bracelet is a delight to the eyes. Variations of light are amazing. We have skilfully combined a rich palette of colors and famous techniques that Lobortas Classic Jewelry House is famous for. Guilloché is one of the most difficult and laborious techniques . Due to the masters of our jewelry house it has become perfect. Its wavy lines and geometrical proportions emphasize the effect of shining, a kind of moiré pattern that covers the faces of the flower with transparent colorful enamels.

In this elegant and sophisticated bracelet a lot of oriental motifs can be noticed. Delicate emeralds shine like pure gemstones of oracle, love and fidelity. They give joy and strenthen intuition. Gorgeous “oriental topazes”, yellow sapphires, shine brightly. They give vitality a feeling of peace.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin