Diamond Emerald Ivory Amber Gold Bracelet


gold, diamonds, emeralds, mammoth tusk, amber.

№ Н-12-05-412

The golden sands of Ancient East for many centuries already have admired and inspired the mankind. The greatness of the history attracts and inspires. Not many craftsmen can touch the wisdom of the bygone time to perpetuate it in his works of art. Only the Godsent talent and the absolute acceptance of the authority of the past can give a gift of so elegant and amazing handcrafted engraving. It took more than six months of daily filigree work to be created. It integrated the beliefs in the snake intercession of ancient Indians, the inhabitants of solar China, Egyptians, Greeks and many other peoples.

Vital force, inherent in the beautiful snake that has served for many inhabitants of the Ancient East as a symbol of protection, worship and peace, and has still been blessing the people who know their own value. The royal grace of the snake in the work impresses with its peculiar magic of the image, mysterious, as the eastern wisdom and powerful, as the unity of charm and force in the feminine. Snake, as the emblem of power. The snake is a healer and a preserver of life. Snake is a symbol of wealth and well-being.

It is quite natural for the beautiful woman to own a masterpiece of jewelry, breathing with the might of immortal Hellas, grandeur of Egyptian Pharaohs and force of the ancient Celts. All of these qualities, run into, only highlight the breathtaking treasures, inimitable emeralds, diamonds and amber.

And unique addition of mammoth bones proves, once again, that the beauty is eternal. Moreover, the beauty is absolute and recognized as the experience of many centuries, and peoples.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin