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Gold Silver Diamond Enamel Badge


gold, silver, diamonds, enamel (finift) "Carl Faberge".

№ 510630

“The jewelers express by their creativity aspirations of the epoch for making our living conditions and make art and enter our living”.

The “Carl Fabergé” catalogue, 1900ies .

The badge “Fabergé”. In Latin “faber” means “ingenious”. Perhaps a genius jeweler was destined to become “the King of the Jewelers” in Russia and then in the whole world. Carl Fabergé and his jewelers created a unique national school of jewellery based on folk traditions of jewellery and art. Until today the magic name of Fabergé makes the hearts of the jewellery connoisseurs beat faster.

To create the badge “Fabergé” the jewelers of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House used the techniques that were invented by the genius jeweler that has become the symbol of the “golden age” of jewellery.

Badges production requires great attention and accuracy. The miniature “Fabergé” is painted by enamel. This is an aristocratic technique that requires skilled hands. The portrait of the famous jeweler was painted under a microscope using 20x zoom. It is generously sprinkled by white diamonds. Gold and silver in the frame of the portrait underline a deep look of the jeweler as if he was thinking about his inspiration.

The badge “Fabergé”. “Faber” is a masterpiece made for you by the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las