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Diamond Sapphire Gold Tie Clip


gold, diamonds, sapphires.

№ 615073

№ 002

“How much beauty we have here... Do you know what is the head of this beauty? A shade made by nature. It wade a perfect shape without consulting the international aesthetics code, but it is extremely precious because it has a soul that will open itself for you and will tell you about your own soul.”

Mikhail Vrubel, Russian artist

Gold tie clip “Vrubel”. The shape was designed by the great 19th century artist and implemented by the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House in the 21st century. A unique sketch of a jewel was found in magazines of one of the museums of Kyiv. The sketch of a men`s brooch was made by Vrubel approximately in 1886. At that time the artists lived in Kyiv and looking for his “Demon”. According to his contemporaries` memoirs, gemstones were a source of his inspiration. Vrubel used to come to the jeweler`s shop and look at gemstones, touch them and admire their shine and colors. Lilac, sapphire, purple and dark night colors of his paintings resemble gemstones and golg nuggets of his creativity. Perhaps the sketch of that brooch with double horseshoe is a finding that was destined to be discovered only nowadays?

The jewelers of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House implemented the artist`s idea and the tie clip “Vrubel” was decorated by modern elements. Gold, diamonds and sapphires. The artist`s and jeweler`s genius. The tie clip “Vrubel”.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin