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«King`s Move»

Diamond Mother of Pearl Jet Gold Tie Clip


gold, diamonds, mother of pearl, jet.

№ Н-12-09-685

Every morning about 6 million people around the world put a tie on. For someone it is a part of a business dress-code, someone wears it because he loves it. Someone has one universal tie, someone has a big collection of them. A small part of those 6 million are women that like wearing this part of men`s suite. And the smallest part are men who preserve all the rules of tie wearing, fixing it with a tie clip. Foe them it is a kind of tradition and elegant conservatism.

Gold tie clip “King`s Move” is respect and elegance. Precise graphic appearance of the chessboard and solid diamonds remind us who is the king in this game. Nacre and jet in a precious frame are very laconic.

By the way, jet is a king of black gemstones. It is one of a small group of minerals that are absolutely black, non-transparent and have unique silky shine. Jet is a gemstone of mystics and magicians. It was discovered by alchemists, but nowadays it is a sign of good men`s taste.

Gold tie clip “King`s Move”. The figures are the chessboard and this is your move, Your Majesty!

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Photo by Dmitriy Las