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«Moment of Good Luck»

Diamond Mother of Pearl Gold Tie Pin


gold, diamond, mother of pearl.

Diameter (мм): 9

№ 0F197

A lucky day begins with a respectable men`s appearance. That is how successful men think. Of course, self-confidence is underlined by a stylish suit, a friendly smile, a majestic posture and an elegant piece of jewellery art. A feeling of self-confidence always determines success.

When a tie is in harmony with the world, good luck will smile to a diamond and follow it. Good luck is like a woman with with discriminating taste. She is looking for support and a comfortable place in alife of a successful man.

There is no doubt that only gold that emphasized a diamond`s shine can be a suitable material for such a decoration. Gorgeous nacre that completes this tandem can attract good luck by its passionate love for shine and light.

Precise lines, a perfect shape and magic of precious materials of this tie pin will bring its owner a lot of lucky moments. A real man who admires beauty and can live in harmony with it will never miss a wonderful moment. Gool luck will always follow such a connoisseur of beauty and style.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las