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silver, steel.

№ Н-19-06-428 / Н-21-08-236

In the epoch of Alfred Cartier, the grand maestro of his time, exquisite pocket “trifles” began their ascent to popularity. These “trifles”, like silent companions, journeyed with the aristocrats and the affluent, serving both as a convenience and a perpetual affirmation of their stature. The act of delicately unveiling an elegantly ornamented box graced with an artistic narrative, from one’s pocket to extract the necessary piece of household trifles, was a statement of grandeur in itself.

These precious “trifles”, treasured by those who are connoisseurs of fine arts and bearers of fond, unforgettable traditions, continue to grace our world today.

A true epicurean of life is ceaselessly in pursuit of the finest, whether it be in the selection of wines or gourmet dishes, or the choice of a fragrant cigar, enveloped in clouds of smoke, which one can indulge in while reflecting on the many facets of life. The ritual of smoking an opulent cigar invariably commences with the trimming of its edges, executed using a special pocket guillotine. This tool, much like the chosen cigar, should always be practical and posh, for it is often used in company. This seemingly simple detail underscores the status and refined taste of its possessor.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin