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The World's First Precious Unquenchable Vigil Lamp
for the Holy Fire of Jerusalem

April 20, 2008 

The world's first Altar Vigil Lamp was created in 2008 on the initiative of the Orthodox Church with the blessing of His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir, who consecrated it in the All Saints Church on April 20, 2008 as well. Altar Vigil Lamp was the first one and formed the basis for a new direction of Orthodox art of the twenty-first century.


Unquenchable Vigil Lamp became the first altar religious object in the past few centuries put into service and accepted by the Church to be raised in the holy of the holies, Altar of God.

Unquenchable vigil lamps, created with the use of the special engineering system with dead reckoning of the thermal flow convection that guarantees an unquenchability of the fire, decorated with gold, silver, diamonds and fine wood (amaranth and wenge) with the help of the newest jewelry techniques and technologies, are the complex engineering designs for the transportation and storage of the Sacred Fire in any weather conditions, allowing to save the Holy Fire even during long flights and transfers, annual Easter liturgies, as well as to keep it throughout the year.

Altar Vigil Lamp became the first in a number of Vigil Lamps, subsequently created for many churches throughout the world. The Historic Patriarchal Registry is created and has been maintained, in which each created Vigil Lamp is listed.