New World’s Jewelry Record
“Tree of Life” is Delivered to the Orbit
by the Soyuz TMA-11M Olympic Spacecraft

14 May 2014

November 7, 2013, at 8 o'clock 14 minutes 15 seconds Soyuz TMA-11M spacecraft was launched to the international space station, at 14 o'clock 27 minutes Moscow Time manned transport spacecraft Soyuz TMA-11M" was successfully docked ISS linking up with the Mini-Research Module "Rassvet". After opening the transitional hatches between the craft and the station, on the ISS the international crew of 38/39 long- term space expedition began to work, consisting of the crew commander Mikhail Tiurin, for which this was already the third flight in orbit, Richard Mastracchio, flight engineer from USA, and Koichi Vakata, flight engineer from Japan.


This is exactly the spacecraft and the crew that for the first time in the history of space science delivered a jewelry cross "Tree of Life" to the orbit. It was created by Classic Jewelry House "Lobortas" to commemorate the 1025th anniversary of Baptism of Rus' with the blessing of the Orthodox Church. The cross "Tree of Life" was delivered to the international space station, made 3006 circuits of the Earth, having flown more than 128 million kilometers for 188 days, and was returned to Earth on 14 May 2014, for the first time in the world after traveling in outer space.

The tree in blossom, tree of life is one of the most ancient symbols and artifacts of spiritual culture of mankind, it is a symbol of the central axis, connecting the sky and the land, a man and his path to spiritual heights, the inmost wisdom and mysterious laws of existence. In antiquity it was connected with the mystical forces of nature and the existence of a divine vision that allows the man to find his predestination and disclose the life potential. The tree of the cross gave the new life to mankind - the prototype, which brings together many characters in one jewelry – the cross "Tree of Life".



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