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Le Club des Joailliers Créateurs , Jewelry Art Exhibition

November 14-18, 2003 

The Lobortas House took part in Jоilliers Creators, the leading European exhibition in Paris.The Article of French magazine The Wall Street Journal Europe noted that, perhaps, the most romantic at the time of the Paris exhibition was the collection of the Lobortas jewelry atelier, under the leadership of Igor Lobortas.


The firm opened in Kiev in 1997. Dozens of artisans and architectural artists cooperate with them. Jewelers work with metals and stones by hand, often giving forms that are alien to conventionality, and this is the reason why they represent themselves as "romantic avant-garde". Architectural influence is clearly visible in the ring "Colosseum", resembling of the Colosseum in Rome and crafted from gold and diamonds. Revolutionary ideas are clear in other works as well, such as ring, entitled "Kingdom of Goldfish" with a bright huge purple amethyst on the intricate lace of the ring.