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Auction at Leamington

August 27, 2022 


Continuing the auction and charity activities of the Lobortas House in Canada, on Saturday evening, August 27, 2022, in Leamington, an amazing fundraiser took place in cooperation with Mandi Quiring and Southwestern Ontario Gleaners!

More than 300 guests of the evening enjoyed delicious food, amazing jazz band. Also, the guests of the evening were given the opportunity to get acquainted and discover the collection of modern art pieces by Lobortas.

Listed lots at auction.

Two special jewels (the Angel Pendant from the Imperial Enamel Collection and the Taurus Pendant from the Fabulous Beasts Collection) which were donated and sold at auction.

Continuing to help raise money for the victims of the war and for the work of SWO Gleaners, including the humanitarian shipment of dry soup mixes to Ukraine. This is a life-affirming partnership!

Guests of the evening at the exhibition of the Lobortas House.

Igor Lobortas is presenting Erie Shores South Catholic Family of Parishes with a gift which will be blessed by Father Tom.

A letter of gratitude to Igor Lobortas was received personally from the hands of David A. Epp, a Member of Parliament of Canada who was elected to represent the Chatham-Kent-Leamington constituency in the House of Commons of Canada in the Canadian Federal Election since 2019. The letter was awarded for the patronage and educational activities of the Lobortas House.

The day after the auction, Igor Lobortas had a meeting with Leamington Mayor Hilda Macdonald.

Mayor of Leamington Hilda MacDonald, Igor Lobortas.