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«Anthony and Theodosius»

Silver Morion Charoit Bookends


silver, morion, charoit.

Special order.

The wisdom of the ancestors supports and specifies the path in the complicated modern world. And deep down in the soul, there always is a belief in intercession and help of those who have left their mark in the history of mankind.

Anthony and Theodosius Bookends crafted out of precious materials by talented artists and jewelers will certainly deepen the feeling of centuries-old experience inherent to people at the genetic level. The spirit of the ancient elders, who once founded the Kiev Monastery of the Caves, which later became the magnificent Lavra identical to none, will consecrate the owner of this piece to the right and decent deeds that will necessarily lead to success and approval from the people close.

Just as the Reverend Theodosius absorbed the teachings of mentor Anthony, who attended Mount Athos, the owner of bookends of silver, morion, and charoite will be nurtured with the wisdom contained in the book when looking for the grain that is bound to bring to fruition in the future.

And the finest work of the figurines of ancient humble monks standing on both sides of the piece, will perfectly complement the interior in which the owner will create and achieve the righteous goals.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin