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«Cyril and Methodius»

Silver Gold Diamond Bronze Jade Jasper Bookends


silver, gold, diamonds, bronze, jade, jasper.

"Life is given to man for serving him, but not vice versa".

- Saints Cyril and Methodius

Bookends of Cyril and Methodius are a precious handcrafted desk jewel.

Plastic images of the saints are surprisingly sculpturesque. The figures were made of gold, silver and bronze and finely worked out in detail, in accordance with the iconography of Cyril and Methodius. Saint Methodius is noticeably older, his head is hairless, and a knotty beard is hanging down over his chest. Methodius' clothes, phelonion and omophorion, are traditional as well. The book, a reminder that he invented Glagolitic alphabet and literacy, is in hands of the saint.

St. Cyril is clearly younger, his head is covered with hair, his beard is broad and thick and it is forked at its ends. The charter with his sentences is in hands.

Cyril (born Constantin the Philosopher) and Methodius (born Michael) are men of amazing powers. Their lifetime mission was predestined to them. So, step by step diehard brothers made this mission doable. That was a brilliant victory in Khazar Khaganate, conversion of the Bulgarians to Christianity, the successful Moravian expedition and, of course, Slavonic alphabet created by Cyril and Methodius! The brothers equal to apostles managed to do for one life, by having divided it for two, the thing that it takes centuries for other people to have it done!

In addition, jade and jasper are the hardest stones used as a symbol of inner strength. Even steel cannot do anything to jasper, and jade is as good as it is. Small statuary zooms images of a person a lot, by turning the brothers equal to apostles into not judges, not sentinels, but into advisers, wise and very powerful ones. The bookends of Cyril and Methodius are inseparable Az and Buky.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin