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«Melon Feast»

Silver Gold Diamonds Ruby Carnelian Jasper Sculpture


silver, gold, diamonds, ruby - 200ct, carnelian, sand jasper.

Н-12-02-122/1 / special order.

Sun-filled melon
Will reveal its secrets…

The juicy sweet fruit, which absorbed the bright and strong energy of the sun, is a character of Eastern legends and a mascot of national holiday, an inspiration for farmers and a delicious joy for gourmets.

All cultures have a harvest festival. It honors the gifts of nature and those who have worked hard for the benefit of the family, people, and homeland for centuries. Sugar-filled melon is a symbol of the hospitable East, a mascot of the Turkmen festival. It inspired the jewelers of Lobortas to create this unique sculptural composition. The artisans have decided on an artistic paraphrase of one of the most famous precious products – a unique egg with a secret, invented by the Great Faberge. This is a kind of a bow to the Maestro, a kind of attempt to complement and reveal the secrets of the skill through the centuries and generations, bringing something new, modern, but no less talented at the same time.

A unique 200-carat cabochon ruby is placed in an open heavy melon made of the purest gold on the top of it. And next to it, there are fixed slotted gold plates with the ten names of Allah engraved on them. Inside, a movable polished mirror-like gold plate is fixed under the ruby. The spring mechanism begins to vibrate the plate at the slightest movement, by giving it a sense of life.

Gold glimmers, light plays in the ruby, and carnelian drops glisten on the sand jasper. And imbued with the sun and inspiration, the joy of creation and love for the land, the Golden melon in the hands of the Turkmen dehkan keeps its secrets.


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Photo by Vladislav Filin