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«Theatre On The Table»

«Mr. Chance»

Silver Gold Diamond Jade Desk Accessories Set


silver, gold, diamond, jade.

Special order.

Scene is a table,

Main hero is a room ensemble,

He will attract you with beautiful play...

Each office room is living a special life, shrouding in the habits of its master, as in the aura. It likes the same tart smell of tobacco; it is awash in the same barely perceptible cloud of fresh or spicy perfume, enjoying the slight scent of natural leather upholstery or expensive cabinet wood. Paints, rustles, shadows, rays of the Sun or a lamplight – all these live by their own laws.

Room ensembles that came to us from the past, with their habits, traditions and elements, like mini- theatres, heroes of which help in the creation of a single whole image. Each one is unique and exclusive, as the composition recreates the special atmosphere with meticulous precision and attention to detail. The jewelers pick gems, guess the spirit, play with color and carefully observe the tradition of cabinet ensembles of late 19th century. And then each stroke is truthful, and every nuance is playful.

Jesters and buffoons, who rest after hours of work under green lamp, on which a beautiful butterfly easily fell... Picture frame on a silver base, vintage timepiece with zodiac signs and wise graceful snake, smiling fish-knife for paper... Each thing is a small replica in the desk ensemble. As well as a jade that brings success and the pure magic of silver, and rays of playful diamonds, coupled with the strong energy of gold...

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Photo by Vladislav Filin