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«Theatre On The Table»

«Mr. Chance»

Silver Gold Diamond Jade Desk Accessories Set


silver, gold, diamond, jade.

Special order.

Playful movements and motions

Of risible and graceful jesters

Twinkle in fragile reflections

Of eternal players' frozen gestures.

Desk set is a specific genre. It is inherent in the incredible lightness and well-turned rigor, humorous playfulness is comfortable and practical. Exquisite courtesy and elegant harmony of forms and contents. And an amazing sense of calm and businesslike atmosphere of the cozy study, where time flows smoothly, but works for you. Where you can hear the ticking of the old clock. Where everything lives, obeying to an especial thing – to your rhythm. Where buffoonish silver figurines communicate without words: with gestures, grimaces, grins.

In practical and luxurious figure of everyday joys. In an incredibly harmonious pattern of household accessories, which no one dares to call the "trinkets", there are diamond mystery and comic jade conspiracy and luxurious golden negligence of necessary parts of desktop interior: concise ashtrays, lighters and matchboxes, stylized shot glasses and stylish cigarette cases, fine cigarette holders and stands for packs of cards.

In short, each desk ensemble contains the original project, a special plot, thoughtful performance, which without fuss but with incredible style and joy is playing just for you.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin