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Silver Enamel Chess Set


a chess board: maple burl, silver; chess figures made of silver, beech, enamel.

Special order.

The soul of a tree is a miracle of miracles. The warmth coming from the chessboard is almost palpable. It strikes imagination, fills home with confidence in something very important, something that cannot be translated into the word. It is so immense!

Nevertheless, one thing is clear, the man, whom everything to his liking in his life, can be very eloquent in silence. It is the man, who confidently and proudly coins each step in his career, like silver chess piece on a lined board.

A move. One more. Further. More confidently. Wiser. Another move.

Excellent thing that maple is alive and silent, but beech is durable and reliable. When confidence grows with each passing moment, when the space around is breathing in harmony with enamel coming alive on silver pieces, the most courageous heart skips a beat in anticipation of absolute victory.

Another move. Check. Success. Unconditional.

Life shall consist of victories. It shall be simple and straightforward, like a chessboard. It shall be diverse as tactics of the flawless game. The soul of a tree. Convenience, support, and comfort is in its silence. Need for action. A rare, valuable maple knows a lot about victories. Just listen and feel its warmth.

Check. Mate. . . Smooth surface is reflecting the sunlight. Graceful lines, inexplicably turning into hardness, even more – into the determination of outlines.

In short, success. In everything.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin