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«Ukrainian Girl»

Bronze Silver Enamel Jade Seal


bronze, silver, enamel, jade.

№ H-23-05-140 / special order.

A splendid harmony of rare metals, enameled jewels and lustrous jade creates a mesmerizing sculpture of jewelry, where artistry and heritage blend seamlessly. The exquisite seal of Ukraïnka transports you to the sun-kissed meadows of Ukraine, where the soul of the nation sparkles in the gleam of precious metals.

The portrait of a Ukrainian maiden in a traditional embroidered dress is a vivid tapestry narrating the saga of a rich culture. The ribbons adorned with cornflower blossoms, intricately woven into her hair and embellished with enameled jewels, reveal the bond of the Ukrainian people with their soil, and the cornflowers themselves signify resilience and grace. The gold necklace gracing the maiden’s neck speaks of the opulence and fortune of the Ukrainian nation.

Enveloped by sunflowers and poppies, the maiden plunges into a floral melody, where sunflowers, with their golden visages turned heavenward, epitomize the spirit of abundance, and red poppies evoke the remembrance and indomitable strength of the Ukrainian people.

The precious seal of Ukraïnka is a jeweler’s homage to the endurance of traditions and the power derived from cultural roots. This is a work of art, whose image can imprint not only on the hearts of the admirers, but also on history, resonating through the ages.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las